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Evaporex - Multichannel Sample Concentrator

Evaporex solvent evaporators offer high performance dry down for microtiter plates. An essential part of SPE (solid phase extraction) is sample preparation, where the eluate must be concentrated prior to use.

The Evaporex works by utilising two needle assemblies, each consisting of 96 stainless steel needles, that direct heated gas from above and below the microtiter plate. Optimum evaporation is achieved by the right combination of flow rate and air temperature. A third factor is the position of the needles relative to the sample surface. The lower platform can be adjusted to any height relative to the upper assembly. This means that for every microtiter plate size and sample volume, needles can be set close to, but not touching, the sample. This feature minimises drying time and enables the user to develop methods utilising a variety of plate sizes and volumes.

The Evaporex concentrates samples in microtiter plates up to five times faster than other techniques.

Combining the Evaporex with the Personal Pipettor configured with extended height enables the use of a vacuum filtration plate on the pipetting deck for sample filtration prior to the concentration step.

Using a combination of heat and air, the Evaporex concentrates samples in a microtiter plate format.

Suitable for use with aqueous or organic solvents.

Along with the Evaporex, using the extended height configuration, the Personal Pipettor can work with vacuum blocks for necessary filtration steps.

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