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MS Mini DNA Swabs


The MS Mini DNA Swabs use exactly the same matrix material as the SK swabs so there is significant history of use but have reduced dimensions and area. The width of the swab has been reduced from 8mm to 6mm and employs a slightly different shaft attachment enabling a DNA yield close to the SK swabs.

The swabs are ethylene oxide sterilized and are available in different swabs numbers per wrapper , the break point has been reduced compared to the SK swab allowing it to be used in smaller tubes.

Uses identical swab material to SK series

MS-001:1 Buccal Swab with tube and cap per wrapper (100 per box)
MS-002:1 Buccal Swabs per wrapper (250 per box)
MS-003:2 Buccal Swabs per wrapper (250 pairs per box)
MS-004:3 Buccal Swabs per wrapper (250 triplicates per box)

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