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DNA Stabilisation Kits


The Isohelix GeneFiX™ Saliva-Prep Isolation kit is designed specifically for use with saliva collection samples and uses a precipitation method to quickly and easily isolate the DNA up to 2ml volumes from the GeneFiX Saliva DNA Collectors.

The GeneFiX Saliva-Prep kit does not use solvents, columns or filtration and the reduced number of protocol steps make it extremely easy to use where a simple yet efficient isolation method is required.

Technical Specifications


· High yields of in excess of 100µg from 2 mls of saliva
· High Purity for the most demanding of applications
· Fully optimized for use with saliva
· Fast handling times, and reduced handling steps
· No solvents, columns or filtration requirements

Product Codes

Cat No Details
GSP-12, GSP-48 GeneFiX Saliva-Prep Isolation Kit for 12 sample and 48 samples