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High Volume Disposable Pipette Tips for TPS Pipettors

Apricot Designs manufactures disposable traditional-style high volume pipette tips for Apricot pipettors.

We design and manufacture 250, 550 and 1000 µl disposable pipette tips made of premium research grade polypropylene.

These ultrathin-wall tips offer high performance at a reasonable price.

The Apricot Designs High Volume tips are available in "AL" (Auto Load) packaging SBS microplate footprint standard that uses a high-strength box that is compatible with robotic automation for tip box replacement on TPS pipettors.

The "AL" packaging also features a space-saving stacking design.

High Volume Tips for Apricot Designs Pipettors "AL" Packaging (Auto Load).

The High Volume tips are compatible with the following heads for the TPS-96 or TPS-384 pipettor.

Product Number Description Max Volume Tips per Rack Racks per Case
250-096-AL-NS Non-Sterile 250 µL 96 40
250-096-AL-S Sterile 250 µL 96 40
250-096-AL-FS Filter Tip, Sterile 200 µL 96 40
550-096-AL-NS Non-Sterile 550 µL 96 40
550-096-AL-S Sterile 550 µL 96 40
550-096-AL-FS Filter Tip, Sterile 400 µL 96 40
1000-096-AL-NS Non-Sterile 1000 µL 96 40
1000-096-AL-S Sterile 1000 µL 96 40
1000-096-AL-FS Filter Tip, Sterile 850 µL 96 40

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