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Personal pipettor PP5

The Personal Pipettor offers 96 or 384 channel high performance pipetting that is ideal for multichannel microtiter plate pipetting or serial dilution applications. The microprocessor controlled pipetting mechanism provides accurate and precise pipetting of microtiter volumes of samples into 96-, 384- or 1536- well microtiter plates. The system can be configured with fixed or disposable tips with either a low volume (0.5-125 μl) or high volume (1-1000 μl) dispense. The Personal Pipettor electronically clamps the pipetting head allowing simple and easy set up. The system is controlled with an Apple® iPad® configured with an easy to use graphical interface. It automatically indexes the dispense head to allow a 96-well head to access a 384-well plate, or a 384-well head to access a 1536-well plate. The Personal Pipettor has a 5 plate position deck, as well as a wash/waste reservoir.

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