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Cap Mat Applicators


For laboratories having to seal medium numbers of microplates the Mat Capper offers an affordable solution. Compact and portable, the Mat Capper is very easy to use, requiring only one operation of the system to produce an accurate and tight seal on a wide range of both collection and shallow well microplates. The seals used are EVA or silicone mats, which work by friction fit and are re-usable with care.

The MicroLute™ De-capper is for use with any MicroLute™ plate fitted with a drain cap. It enables the quick and easy removal of the protective lower drain cap, enabling the plate to be used.

Technical Specifications

  • Caps shallow and deep well polypropylene storage plates
  • Needs minimal pressure for capping, reducing fatigue and RSI
  • Powder coated to resist chemical spillage
  • Universal plate ‘shuttle’ to take shallow or deep well plates
  • Fixing holes for securing to bench
Cat No Details
229078 MatCapper.Cap Mat Applicator for storage plates
229110 Decapper for Protein A Biovyon Microlute plates with drain cap mats