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Plate Sealer - The Wasp


The WASP System has been designed for robotic integration, or stand-alone sealing, offering a fast, effective solution for the heat-sealing of micro well plates for experimentation, storage or transportation.

Heat sealing is now widely considered to be the most effective way of sealing plates for assays, thermal-cyclers, storage and shipping. The extensive range of sealing materials now available for our new instrument, gives a permanent or peelable high integrity seals for all plate material types. The optional Gas permeable function allows users to seal the same wide variety of plates with a breathable gas permeable seal.

The range includes ultra-clear materials for colorimetric or fluorimetric assays, along with solvent resistant seals with exceptional low temperature (-200°C) storage characteristics and the breathable Gas permeable seal.

The new WASP has a compact footprint saving bench space. It features a serial port allowing RS232 and external foot switch operation for robotic control plus a touch screen for manual operation.

Both seal time and temperature are fully adjustable and the unit has built-in sensors to monitor seal integrity and provide error output warning signals. The unit produces no waste material and seals plates of different heights without the need for plate carriers.

The WASP is designed to be integrated into robotic platforms from all leading automation companies.

The unsealed plate is placed on a shuttle which extends from the front of the sealer, allowing full access with a robotic arm or Stacking system. The shuttle is drawn into the unit automatically and the plate is sealed between 6.5 to 12 seconds, depending on the sealing time. The shuttle thereafter returns the shuttle and the plate to its original start position.

The sealer can operate as part of an automated system or in stand-alone mode.

Each roll of sealing film is sufficient for approximately five thousand plates.

The rolls of sealing film are either aluminium or clear laminates and able to produce permanent, pierceable or peel-able seals with Polypropylene, Polystyrene or Polythene plates.

To keep the size and weight to a minimum, the unit uses compressed air and all parameters, such as temperature and time are fully adjustable to ensure a perfect, even seal with different plates and film formats. However, should a compressor be needed if laboratory air is not freely available, we can recommend or supply a suitable compressor.

User safety has been carefully considered during the design process, to eliminate risk of contact with hot surfaces or the internal mechanism during operation.

Technical Specifications

We offer a full complementary range of foils to suit our sealers, and those of other manufacturers including, peel seals, pierceable seals, thermal bond seals, gas permeable seals and more