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eViper Plate Handling System


kbiosystems plate handling range offer the user the ability to step up to automated plate handling to a number of OEM equipment. The eViper is a combined feeding system to either left and right hand sides, the plate is handled in portrait or landscape format and allowing the use of non lid and lidded plates.

Offering complete versatility, the eViper will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks and custom applications shallow and deep well formats.

Plate re stack option allows the user if feeding and retrieving plates from a secondary pieces of equipment and the need for defined plate stack orientation, the plates can internally be reprocessed into their original line format.

eViper comes as standard left and right feed, offering side placement from plate centre to plate centre of a maximum load side placement from plate centre to plate centre of a maximum of 312mm reach and from deck to 166mm in height, in portrait or landscape orientation.

With its flexible deck the Viper can be fed via any third party plate arm or conveyor system to the plate retrieval point.

Key Features


Plate Hive
96 well plate formats
384 well plate well formats
1536 well plate well formats
Handles lids
Deep well blocks
Integration ready
Custom design service
Plate height range 7 to 48mm