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Scorpion Plate Handling to liquid dispensing systems


Automated plate feeding to Thermo Multidrop Combi series liquid dispensers. Entry level automation for reliable, consistent plate filling.

KBiosystems Scorpion range in offer the user the ability to step up to automated plate handling to a number of OEM liquid handling systems. Custom designed integration plates suited to both Thermo Combi instruments to maintain position for repeatable dispensing.

Offering complete versatility, the Scorpion will work with a wide range of plates, tube racks, shallow and deep well formats.

Plate re stack option allows the user if feeding and retrieving plates from a secondary piece of equipment and the need for defined plate stack orientation, the plates can internally be reprocessed into their original line format.

With the addition of the optional lid removal upgrade the Scorpion and can handle plate and remove the lid prior to placement on the liquid dispensing system, helping decrease any possible contamination issues that may arise

Key Features


Plate Hive Capacity
96 well plate formats Up to 50
384 well plate well formats Up to 72
1536 well plate well formats Up to 72
Handles lids May Reduce Capcity
Deep well blocks Up to 15
Integration ready
Custom design service
Plate height range 7 to 48mm
Full height stack plate range 650mm
Half height stack range 325mm


Video Info

Creator: Kbiosystems

Uploaded: 3rd July 2015

Runtime: 2m 31s

Link: Youtube