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Hedgehog 96

The Wildcat Hedgehog 96 is designed for the bulk transfer of sample tubes from a SLAS/SBS footprint 96 tube rack to a similar but empty rack.

The Hedgehog works with most makes of tube racks, and plastic tubes with screw or septum caps, up to 1.4ml in size.

The contents of the rack (containing 1 to 96 tubes) can be transferred to the same locations in the receiving rack at a rate of approximately 1 transfer per minute.

Easy to operate and with an economical benchtop footprint, the Hedgehog 96 speeds up the transfer of sample tubes, increasing the efficiency of your workflow.

Video Info

Creator: Wildcat Laboratory Solutions

Uploaded: 5th September 2017

Runtime: 55 Seconds

Link: Youtube

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