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About Us

Wildcat Laboratory Solutions Ltd are suppliers of innnovative benchtop automated solutions and consummables servicing Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology Laboratories throughout France, and certain products from the range in the UK. Wildcat Laboratory Solutions were established in 2007. Through a strong network of distributors, Wildcat Laboratory Solutions are able to provide global support for their products. One side of the company focuses on the users of the equipment and looks after the consumers needs within the laboratory, whilst the other half of the company focuses on the requirements of the manufacturer, helping them find new pathways for promotion of their products. Wildcat Laboratory Solutions are providers of small automation systems and consumables for the Biotechnical, Pharmaceutical industries and branches relating to these industries, smaller labs, R&D, Life Sciences and Molecular Biology.

The Wildcat range of products include Sample Storage Consummables,Tubes , 2d barcode readers, barcode applicators, Capper/ decappers/ Tube Labelling, DNA Saliva Collection Kits , Sample Mangement Software / Solvent Evaporators / plate sealers, plate labellers, plate stackers, microplates, seals, acrylic manifolds and much more. Focusing on our technical expertise and the constant development of our products, Wildcat Laboratory Solutions strive to be ahead with cost effective bench top solutions for Laboratory Automation. If there are any projects which require integration or software then please feel free to request further information. With over twenty five years of experience selling into the pharmaceutical / biotechnology sector , through an existing network of of distributors. Wildcat Laboratory Solutions regularly attend conferences and exhibitions in Europe , however pride themselves on the most fundamental of marketing policies, personal face-to-face representation of their products.

Wildcat laboratory Solutions est un fournisseur de petits systèmes d'automatisation et de consommables pour la biotechnologie, la pharmacie et les branches relatives à ces industries, les petits laboratoires, la R&D, les sciences de la vie et la biologie moléculaire.
La gamme de produits de la société comprend des systèmes de gestions de bouchons sur des tubes standards, des étiqueteuses de tubes ou de plaques, des hôtels de plaques, des tubes standards et cryotubes, des microplaques et films pour microplaques, des collecteurs acryliques, des lecteurs de codes à barres 2D, des évaporateurs de solvants, des applicateurs de codes à barres et bien plus encore. En se concentrant sur son expertise technique et le développement constant de ses produits, Wildcat laboratory Solutions s'efforcent de proposer les solutions d’automatisation de laboratoire les plus appropriées et les plus rentables.

Wildcat Laboratory Solutions, represent Porvair Life Sciences and Isohelix in France.

About Porvair Sciences

Porvair Sciences, are specialists in the manufacture of microplate products, serve Life Sciences, Biotechnology, R&D and Molecular Biology with microplate solutions for all applications, from sample preparation to high throughput screening via our global distributor network.

Our range includes vacuum manifolds, sealers, evaporators and microtiter plates in all popular styles; deep well and shallow well storage plates, assay plates, luciferase reporter gene plates and liquid handling reagent reservoirs. We also provide custom microplate products for life science research. Our vacuum manifolds, essential for 96-well SPE sample preparation, are designed to work with most popular filter plates, including Waters, Millipore, Qiagen, Whatman, GE Healthcare, Varian, Biotage and, of course, Porvair.

About Isohelix

Isohelix is a technical division of Cell Projects Ltd, specializing in the development and manufacture of innovative high quality DNA Sampling and Purification products for the Life Science Research, Molecular Diagnostics and Forensic markets. The products include DNA Swabs, DNA Saliva Collection devices and many DNA Isolation, Stabilization and associated kits.

Cell Projects takes a broader approach and while supporting Isohelix also manufactures products used for Electroporation, PCR, qPCR, Transfection and Electrophoresis. Cell Projects and Isohelix branded products are sold both directly and through distributors worldwide.

Alongside this the company also has a thriving sub contract and services business using its busy in-house Molecular Laboratory and Engineering facilities to support various outside joint ventures, OEM and private agreements making maximum use of its considerable expertise in product design, regulatory, safety and commercial market knowledge.