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puretip plus sas

PureTip Plus SaS

About Plasma Cleaning:

Plasma cleaning uses atmospheric pressure plasma to remove contaminants on the surface of pipette tips. When tips are positioned into a PureTIP Plasma Treatment System, plasma is continuously pulled up through the tip and filter and transitions any residue solvent on the tip surfaces to gas, exposing organic contaminants such as DNA and small molecules to plasma. After a few seconds, the contaminants are ionized, and the pipette tips are renewed.

  • A Standalone System originally designed for cleaning tips commonly used in testing for Covid-19 using room temperature atmospheric pressure plasma.
  • Uses a vacuum mechanism that pulls plasma continuously up the tip and through the filter while direct plasma exposure cleans the outside of the tip.
  • Continuous pull of plasma makes the cleaning more powerful.
  • In less than 2 seconds, maximum plasma intensity is reached.
  • Highest standards for clean for virus diagnostics (60 copies or less) – ideal for NGS and RT-PCR / q-PCR used in COVID-19 screening.
  • The process generates no waste, liquid or solid.

Pipette Reuse Recommendations

  • Standard Tips - 10 to 20 uses or up to 10 minutes of plasma exposure
  • Maximum Recovery Tips - tested to 100 uses
  • Conductive Tips – approx. half of that as for standard tips
  • Pin Tools - no degradation; can be cleaned indefinitely to 'as-new’

System Requirements:

  • Dimensions - 765mm L x 765mm W x 765mm H

Design Features

Gantry system
Low-force, high-precision tip insertion technology
Flexible deck can be reconfigured
Robotically open – easy for “pick and place” robotics
Safety shields
HMI touchscreen
Positive or negative air filtration Optional
Internal camera Optional
Light curtains Optional

PureTip SAS Product overview PDF 6.7Mb

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