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Kaps - Semi-automated plate sealer

The Kaps unit is an automated adhesive pressure applied micro plate and tube rack sealer. The unit uses a roll of surface modified aluminium or plastic film approx. 78 to 85mm wide and 200m long, the roll is positioned to the rear of the sealing section via a removable stand, using a total inline method the film is pulled through the main unit, cut to between 124mm and 130mm in length and then applied to the plate top surface to create the seal between plate and film.

Technical Specifications

Foil Loading Guide for the KAPS 500 PDF 260Kb

Front & Rear shock absorber stop PDF 674Kb

Vacuum generator service procedure. PDF 187Kb

KAPS Adhesive Sealer Cover Removal Procedure PDF 157Kb

KAPS Adhesive Sealer L/R Foil adjustment Procedure PDF 127Kb

Foil Clutch Pressure Adjustment PDF 139Kb

Foil Clutch service procedure PDF 933Kb

Foil Roller Pressure Adjustment PDF 76Kb

KAPS 500 Shuttle Axis Front and Rear Switch operation PDF 234Kb

Pneumatic Manifold Valve operation PDF 81Kb

Vacuum generator service procedure PDF 609Kb

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