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PureTip LHC

Plasma cleaning technology can clean pipette tips and microplates to achieve standards of clean beyond sterilization.

IonField’s PureTIP LHC is our most established plasma cleaning solution for pipette tips (96 and 384 channel formats) and pin tools (384 and 1536 channel formats). This on-deck companion product installs easily on most brands of liquid handlers and cleans in just 7-45 seconds per rack (30 seconds on average); greatly reducing pipette tip usage by 90%.

The PureTIP LHC cleans better than any other washing technology and easily integrates with most existing and new automation platforms. The system utilizes a room temperature, atmospheric pressure plasma process that cleans metal and plastic pipette tips and pin tools. Treated surfaces are clean, dry and have uniform surface properties.

Plasma Cleaning Process

Pipette tips are lowered into the electron streamers and plasma. Plasma is then aspirated then dispensed 6 to 8 cycles. Plasma intensity increases with each cycle.

The PureTIP LHC cleaning process reduces random surface effects that degrade liquid handling precision and accuracy, even with new disposable tips. This product improves the reproducibility of results and maintains it through all reuses. Cleaning times are consistent with tip changes, but with no time lost for labware replacement, overall productivity increases. PureTIP LHC reduces plastic tip waste and the waste from product packaging.

Typical Use

Typical operation is for the liquid handler to lower a rack of pipette tips into the PureTIP LHC cleaning station for approximately 30 seconds of direct plasma exposure. The cleaning station turns on when the tips break a light beam and goes off when the tips are raised. While the plastic tips are in the cleaning station, the liquid handler is programmed to run a standard mix, pulling plasma into the pipette tip and then expelling the waste gas. Typically, 6 or 7 cycles are programmed in the mix step. After treatment, tips are ready for immediate re-use.


*Complete organisms and cellular debris of all types Ag genomic and other samples may need pre-wash.

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