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PurePlate MCS

Plasma cleaning technology can clean pipette tips and microplates to achieve standards of clean beyond sterilization.

The PurePlate Max is a more automated microplate cleaning solution for high throughput labs that cleans contaminated standard and deep well microplates, using a robotic arm to transfer plates and a high tech hoteling solution to store clean plates for reuse.

The PurePLATE Max was developed in a collaboration between IonField Systems and Lab Services to reuse microplates quickly, accurately, and completely clean. The work cell has space for up to 350 contaminated microplates, depending on the type of plate used. In addition, it is possible to provide PurePlate with a protective enclosure. Windows provide a user-friendly yet safe approach.

The PurePLATE MCS was designed to integrate with any robotic solution for customers with existing robotic partners. System software includes the Application Programming Interface (API).

The cleaning process starts with a spin to remove well contents, a dispense of solvents ( For compounds) or 500ppm bleach ( for genomics), another spin, a high pressured rinse, a third spin to dry, and in under a minute the wet cleaning phase is done.

Subsequently, the microplates are moved to the Plasma Module, where ionized air (plasma) Is blown to break apart any remaining organic molecules and evoporate liquids. The cleaned Microplates are then placed in clean PlateHotels. To prevent contamination, a clear distinction has been made between clean and dirty PlateHotels.


  • PurePlate MCS uses a combination of liquid wash and cold-plasma exposure to clean used assay plates.
  • Any microplate with a standard SBS footprint up to 44 mm can be cleaned.
  • Net environmental impact creates a greener footprint for laboratories.
  • PurePlate MCS can clean 50-55 plates / hour.
  • Components are modular and self-monitoring and software is very intuitive - Adapts to your cleaning requirements & Integrated API commands are standard
  • Power up, prime and operational in less than 5 minutes.
  • Designed to be user maintained. A majority of maintenance or repair issues can be supported remotely by IonField in under 30 min.
  • Per plate processing costs are ~ $1 each.
  • The pandemic continues to require screening services across the country and globally

PurePlate MCS Product overview PDF 5.7Mb

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