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ESP Disposable Pipette Tips for TPS Pipettors.

Apricot Designs has introduced proprietary technology known as the Externally Sealed Pipette tips. The external multiple flexible seal rings require little insertion/ejection force for loading/unloading of tips.

By design, it eliminates the need for expensive options for liquid handlers that need to handle 384 tips such as pressurized tip-loading mechanisms and the use of O-rings.

This innovative approach greatly enhances seal integrity, system reliability and performance and at the same time reduces cost of maintenance.

For the TPS-series the ESP tips are automatically loaded and unloaded on the pipetting head.

No manual loader is required providing simpler operation and allowing for extended walkaway automation with disposable tips.

ESP tips are available in 125 µL, 50 and 15 µL versions. We also custom design and manufacture pipette tips for your particular application.

ESP Tips for Apricot Designs TPS Series Pipettors.

The TPS pipettor will automatically load and unload the correct number of tips required for the programmed operation. These tips are compatible with the following head series for TPS pipettors:

Product Number Description Max Volume Tips per Rack Racks per Case
125-384-AL-NS ESP Non-Sterile 125 µL 384 20
125-384-AL-S ESP Sterile 125 µL 384 20
050-384-AL-NS ESP Non-Sterile 50 µL 384 20
050-384-AL-S ESP Sterile 50 µL 384 20
015-384-AL-NS ESP Non-Sterile 15 µL 384 20
015-384-AL-S ESP Sterile 15 µL 384 20

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