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iPipette - Multichannel microplate pipetting system

The iPipette removes the tedious chore of pipetting to microtiter plates. The compact design configured with Apricot Designs EZ Load pipetting head and disposable tips allow for quick set up and operation. Working volume options range from 0.5-125 μL, 1-500 μL or 5-1000 μL.

The user can clamp the pipetting head using a simple lever for the basic series or via push button control for the Pro Series.

The iPipette allows indexing of the pipetting head for accessing 384-well plates with a 96 channel version, as well as options for indexing for serial dilutions by column.

Technical Specifications

Video Info

Creator: Apricot Designs

Uploaded: 23rd October 2016

Runtime: 5m 38s

Link: Youtube

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